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Oxford-based leaders in the global pharmaceutical industry, providing baculovirus expression products for sale

Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd provides specialist products to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries across the globe. Based in the heart of Oxford, England, we are a well-known centre of excellence that makes finding the products, cells and kits you need, easy.

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The home of flashBAC™ technology 

At Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd, you can buy all of our baculovirus expression and insect cell culture products online using a credit card or by submitting a purchase order number to The flashBAC™ technology allow you to express superior recombinant protein yields in a much shorter time and can be made to make vaccines, diagnostic and gene therapy.

We make ordering simple and easy and give you access protocols, safety data sheets, plasmid maps and other vital information, when it comes to your research or project. You can order online using the links below or visit our distributors page to view the full list of worldwide OET traders and find your nearest one.

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If you are looking to purchase biotechnology products or research kits and would like more information about Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd, please get in touch.

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Bioinnovation Hub (Tonge Building) Gipsy Lane Campus, 
Headington, Oxford OX3 0BP

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