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flashBAC™ PRIME baculovirus DNA

flashBAC™ PRIME baculovirus DNA

PriceFrom £449.00

Product code: 100500/100501/100502/100503

Company undertaking Identification:

Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd, BioInnovation Hub, Gipsy Lane Campus, Oxford OX3 0BP, UK


flashBAC™ PRIME combines the simplicity of the flashBAC™ one step baculovirus expression system with increased recovery and yield of virus like particles (VLPs). flashBAC PRIME  is based on the original AcMNPV genome without any of the gene deletions characteristic of the other flashBAC™ range of vectors. Thus cells infected with flashBAC PRIME induce cell lysis in the late stages of infection which facilitates release and subsequent purification of VLPs (or other proteins) that form in the cytoplasm or nucleus of infected cells. For best results when expressing virus like particles, we recommend using the recombinant virus in Trichoplusia ni (Tni) derived cell lines.

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