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Product code: 200137

Company undertaking Identification:

Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd, BioInnovation Hub, Gipsy Lane Campus, Oxford OX3 0BP, UK


pOET10 is a baculovirus transfer vector designed for expression of a gene target in both mammalian and insect cells. It incorporates the CMV promoter (from pOET9 CMV; #200133) with the baculovirus p6.9 gene promoter from pOET3 (#200104). These promoters are arranged in tandem in pOET10. Once a recombinant virus has been made using this vector, production of the protein can be confirmed in insect cells prior to further use in mammalian cells. It has a bacterial origin of replication (ColE1) and an ampicillin resistance gene (AmpR) for selection in E. coli. The AcMNPV sequences flanking the multiple cloning sequence (MCS) in the transfer vector allows recombination with the viral DNA to insert the expression cassette into the polh locus. pOET10 is compatible with any baculovirus system that utilizes homologous recombination to generate recombinant viruses.

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